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Maccabee Academy is an online education provider that offers comprehensive services for families all around the world. Our offerings include various small group courses and personalized tutoring.

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Two Ways to Learn

At Maccabee Academy, we offer two ways to learn -- small group classes and personalized tutoring. With the help of our Course Consultants, families are sure to find the option that is best for their situation.

Small-Group Courses

Small group courses are a great option for families looking for supplemental educational opportunities that provide the right mix of predetermined topics, semi-standardized curriculum and small-group interaction. Courses are available in a range of subjects and for students aged three to sixteen.

Personalized Tutoring

Personalized tutoring is perfect for families looking for highly personalized learning. Reasons for enrolling in tutoring often include catching up, getting ahead, exploring an interest or preparing for a specific event.

The Best Teachers.

We have extraordinary and experienced teachers
Maccabee Academy’s teachers are the best available. All of our teachers hold teaching licenses and have 10+ years of experience, most have Masters degrees and each and every one has undergone extensive vetting that results in just 5% being hired.

Expertly Designed Curriculum

Courses at Maccabee Academy are expertly designed by experienced teachers and course developers. No matter the program or course, we find the perfect balance between level-appropriate content, essential skills and room for teacher agency. We believe in a semi-standardized approach that involves providing teachers with structural guidelines, defined content and specified deliverables while at the same time providing opportunities for teachers to exhibit their expertise and adapt to student learning.

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