Our Courses

We offer a wide variety of standard courses, and can design bespoke classes on request.

Our Courses

Maccabee Academy offers a number of unique educational programs to meet the needs of our families and students. These programs offer children the opportunity to explore specific fields with both breadth and depth, expanding their educational horizons while at the same time allowing them to become experts in their chosen fields.
Social Science

Various social sciences courses provide an in-depth look at topics throughout the liberal arts, developing English-language proficiency and building subject-specific knowledge.

Literary Appreciation

Our Literary Appreciation program combines the best fiction and non-fiction texts, taking students on a literary journey across genres, through time periods and with diverse authors.


STEM at Maccabee Academy involves courses that take an interdisciplinary approach to science, technology, engineering and math.

Test Preparation

Maccabee Academy offers an array of courses designed to address specific entrance examinations including the ACT, SAT, SSAT, ISEE and SHSAT. Additional courses specific to vocabulary development, interview preparation, etc. are available.

Second Languages

We believe in multilingualism and foster this belief by offering a number of language courses beyond English. These courses offer not only language instruction, but also cultural knowledge.

Speech and Debate

Maccabee Academy’s speech and debate program provides students with a diverse array of public speaking opportunities, designed to improve students’ critical thinking, logic and reasoning skills by teaching argumentation and presentation in systematic and structured ways.

Root Words

This program is ideal for students looking to expand their vocabulary, whether as a supplement to their normal ELA courses, in preparation for standardized tests (ISEE, SSAT, TOEFL & SAT), or for exploring subject-specific interests.


The focus on this series is the systematic development of students’ writing skills. Students will write pieces of varying styles, from different perspectives and with a range of purposes. The course includes both story writing and essay writing.


Maccabee Academy’s phonics program is a comprehensive series of courses designed to provide young learners with the essential phonological skills required for successful reading and writing.


This fun and engaging English Language Arts program helps children build foundational literacy skills that will support their success in elementary school. These courses use a comprehensive approach that emphasizes learning to read.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood education at Maccabee Academy includes a series of three English courses designed for students aged three to five.

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